Friday, 25 September 2009

Turlee Station

Fortunately on our arrival Dione (the mum) was there. Otherwise we would have had to book in via UHF channel 8.
As it turned out we were the only guests and so we had the run of the place and also got to know the family. They go back four generations in the area, uncles and other relatives owning stations all around the lower Darling. Shearers' quarters become guest accommodation, the cookhouse the share kitchen and dining room, outdoor showers and toilets, all very civilised, nothing like a bit of fresh air.
We got to see station life unhindered, all 145,000 acres of it, albeit during a quiet time.

The Schoolhouse
Although you get used to the expanse of the place pretty quickly (Lake Mungo is half an hour away, any shopping is an hour and a dust), it is still astonishing that less than thirty years ago the brothers went to 'primary school' in this little building on the property and they had a governess. A lot of the instruction was by radio...the epitome of distance education. M~
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