Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hidden, Among The Gravestones Of Rookwood

Travelled west on a well lit Sunday, to visit an art - sculpture exhibition at Rookwood Cemetery or more correctly Rookwood Necropolis. The largest in the southern hemisphere they say.
The art work had an advantage, hidden as they were amongst the dead. Gave it all some gravitas, one showed respect. It was also way cool.

This is an ipod special, I ran out of film but had
to photograph this, possibly the best piece.
Made of thread and tarlatan By Jane Theau.
Artist statement from the Hidden 2012 catalogue - Bea Miles was larger than life Sydney character who stood on street corners reciting Shakespeare from mmeory. She was notorious for taking long taxi rides and stepping out without any thought of paying. I have a soft spot for Bea as we perch on distant branches of my family tree, and we attended the same school; her exploits were often recounted to me by my grandmother. Bea had a momentous funeral at Rookwood Cemetery in 1973., complete wit jazz band and was the inspiraton for the movie'Lillian's Story'.