Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Head On

One year later and I'm reporting on my entry to Head On.
I wasn't successful this year either, although I do like this year's entries as much as I liked last year's...

'Just As We Thought'


It's been a while, yes.

Well...entered the National Photographic Portrait Prize back in October last year, 2008.
Wasn't selected, they weren't particularly strong images.
The one below though is interesting, a neighbour who's been living in the street longer than me! The graffiti has been there a long a time, his cross shouldered bag however is new, it contains his heart! He literally wears his heart on his sleeve!
Update: He received a donor heart, is still in hospital, the graffiti painted over and the wall awaiting his instructions for new artwork.
Update II: He's home and happy with his donor heart, but the new wall is still a blank canvas...

I call this The Eastern European. My hat my street an east european.

It was all different back in 2005 of course, my photo of Garan hung in the AGNSW for six weeks.