Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Dying Darling

We drove south from Broken Hill to Wentworth (the junction of the Darling and the Murray) crossed into Victoria to Mildura, which looked lush compared to NSW, then crossed back into NSW, never far from the Darling.
Every creek, every river, every dam...bone dry, except for the Darling, which is just a trickle. The Murray is still in reasonable shape.
On the way to Turlee Station where we would be staying, we saw dry land wheat, such a toxic green -- they plant it without water, then this chemical green wheat with desert all around!
After leaving Mungo we drove in a severe dust storm to Pooncarie, crossed the Darling to the west side and followed it all the way to Bindara, the homestead of Old Netley Station, a million acres in the 1850's. (A couple of photos on cam'era ƒ.)
Then on to Menindee Lakes and Kinchega National Park...all the lakes were dry of course. No people, a few lizards and lots of emus.

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