Thursday, 19 May 2016

Cut A Silver Path

Five photographers, Shelley Webster, Tim Bauer, Tamara Gulic, Tim Anger and me were invited by Jennine Primmer to interpret and exhibit images of a stanza from a poem written by Tamryn Bennett. Mine was the last stanza.
A nice exercise, most of my photos came from Thirteen Rooms, such great subjects.

Cut a silver path

through the singing grass,

the high tide of cicadas,

each footstep an echo, a trace.

Blue fire beetles

in fields of flowering cloud.

Cup your hands to carry secrets,

this is where the light is deepest.

We dream these nights dark

our head full of feathers,

remembering birds like comets,

ghost-tails of indigo and ice.

Bury the map of bones

beside the sleeping

stones, soil beneath your fingers,

the ground begins to breathe.

Dance again

like you did with the trees,

lilac webs between branches,

the autumn of release.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Donna Amini

Most often in by nightfall, a rare opportunity to mingle with the night crowd, to see, and hear, Donna Amini, m~'s new discovery at Sappho's. She is a real charmer and of course it's always good to see our daylight stomping ground transformed by night. I packed the dirty little GR.

Come on m~, it can only get better