Monday, 11 January 2016

Welcome To Bronte

Never really did the Bronte thing, what with being a Glebite and all, but now, we have this relatively new bus service, the 440, must be Clover trying to join the Left and right of City Of Sydney.
So today, I felt like a bit of a kid, well, physically being an Invalid probably completes the picture.
No complaints, after swimming a few laps in the tidal pool, sought the shade amongst the trees, not always easy to find on Sydney beaches. Must do it again.

Thought I'd add these taken on a subsequent visit.
First up, The Bogey Hole Cafe, these salt & pepper shakers rival
Badde Manors'.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Goodbye Old Peppermint Gum

After four days and nights of constant heavy rain, I guess something had to give, I was only thinking, apart from a bit of cabin fever how unaffected we were. Well, then the old peppermint gum standing guard outside our front gate toppled over in dramatic fashion, soft soil, rising water table, perhaps not a very deep root system, possibly due to sandstone? Whatever, it came down.