Monday, 15 April 2013

13 Rooms

John Kaldor's latest project, or Kaldor Public Art as he is now known.
An exhibition of live performances! Performance art anyone's cup of tea?
Well it was certainly mine, and m~'s, we loved it, brought out the art junky in us unrestrained.
Rather than have me explain all these photos go to the web site...
Or just GO.

The man himself swapping eyedrops for m~'s dental floss

I swapped a pen from Japan for this guy's sock.

Thursday, 4 April 2013


After getting all excited about the weathermatic, thought I'd try something more serious, something like a Hanimex Amphibian! None of this lightweight point 'n' shoot stuff.
Needless to say conditions precluded any satisfactory 'deep water' shots, so in the surf I went, loaded up with Ilford HP5+ for fast results and grainy character, yes! Well, it ain't the camera for this application, it deserves another attempt in the environment for which it was designed, water!
The last shot was taken at Bawley Point in about 2005 with an Olympus XA, my brother and Chris at Bull Pups sans boards.

In The Water With The Weathermatic

Well the title should have been underwater with the weathermatic, but for various reasons underwater photos eluded me. The camera, a Minolta Weathermatic, circa '80's was given to me. After much shopping around, mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt, rash shirt, new boardies (it's been a while, speedos just don't cut it anymore), I was ready to go. Two attempts later nothing underwater to speak of, murky water after much heavy rain, problem getting 'under' deep enough and fast enough. 'Nuff said, the 'matic did at least acquit itself with some character in the water.
Next post I try a Hanimex Amphibian!!!