Thursday, 7 May 2015

Kangaroo Island

K.I. as the locals call it, major tourist destination, lucky we were off season. Not quite what I expected, big, 150kms by 90kms, lots of driving to reach the national park, the reason we were there, which occupies about 20% of the western end of KI, the rest is rural and just like any bit of Australian bush really.
Good rocks, Remarkables, best coastal heath I've seen, no seals pics, well I did photograph some at some distance off a cliff, otherwise there's Seal Bay, a virtual theme park, you pay to step on the beach, in a tour, no thank you!


We were marooned on KI for another day due to the ferry not
running. Time to explore Penneshaw. 

The fish shop, world famous, but closed for the season.

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