Monday, 26 October 2009


Kinchega National Park encompasses Menindee Lakes and must be beautiful when they are full. The Darling wends its way through the redgums and is quite magical, even when bone dry.

All that's left of The Providence, part of the's the history.

"The Providence was one such steamer and became stranded in 1872 for several months. Once water levels rose again the Providence continued its journey along the river towards Kinchega station. Tragedy struck once again when the boiler exploded, throwing one crew member (Gunn, a Chinese cook) into a tree, and killing the crew John Davis (Captain), Edward Sparkes (engineer) and John Roach (fireman). Gunn was rescued, but later died of his injures. All the crew died and are buried by the old Kinchega homestead.

The only survivor was Henry Trevorah, a miner from Wilcannia travelling to visit family. One story says the crew fired up the boiler without checking the water levels after a drinking session in Menindee, while others claim the boiler was faulty and it was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. The boiler remains on the banks of the Darling, and can be seen if you take the Homestead Loop of the River Drive."

On the road to Menindee the sun settles into the dust.

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